Government Contracting Consulting

In today’s competitive government contracting environment, having an experienced and knowledgeable advisor on your side is key to maximizing your success in the government contracting space. Meelah Grace Development provides companies with the benefit of their experience in all facets of the procurement process. Our team of consultants can lead you through the process of identifying, obtaining and maintaining contracts that help you achieve your goals.

Minority Certification

Having a minority-owned business certification can help businesses to increase the market share of women and minority owned businesses in their business sector in both the private and public arenas.  We not only consult clients through the certification process but once obtained, work with our clients to maximize the certification through partnerships, collaborations and networking.

Business Development Consulting

We support our clients’ efforts to start, develop and maximize your business growth.  Our expertise and vast amount of resources developed through public/private partnerships provide businesses with everything they need to succeed in business.


Franchising is the duplication of an existing business model with the aim of increasing revenue. While franchising is not for everyone, our objective is to work with those clients who have a business or membership organization that can be duplicated. Once we assess the current business model and structure our team then addresses the areas necessary to finalize and execute the franchising model.


For those that are interested in establishing an institution of education, we complete all tasks from Curriculum Development and Instructional Design and to Operations and Human Resources.  We also offer publishing and accreditation consulting services.

If your company is in need of funding we also assist with Resource Development as well as provide Construction Services -- whether rehabbing an existing structure or building a new facility.


Non Profits

Whether are new or established nonprofit, we work with you to increase resources by reviewing your organizations brand, programming and marketing with a view to increase not only supporters and funding but also the success of your organization.

We not only develop programs, but also work with clients in the areas of resource development by preparing proposals for grants, launching sponsorship programs, managing capital campaigns and expanding the marketing efforts of your organization's programs and services.

Next Steps...

We enjoy working with new clients and taking on new challenges! Please connect with us to learn how we can grow your business or nonprofit.