Our Approach

With a proven track record working with companies to achieve their business goals, the Consultants at Meelah Grace Development understand how important it is to set yourself apart from the competition in the most impactful ways that work in your favor.

Meelah Grace Development believes in a hands-on approach to every engagement. Before we begin any engagement, we complete a company assessment by which we learn the current state of affairs of your company. We use that information to formulate a completely customized strategic plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Our Story

Meelah Grace Development was created from a need to not only assist clients with business and nonprofit efforts but to additionally level the playing field by consulting with and educating both business owners and nonprofit leaders on ways to not only become but remain competitive in its industry or sector by adjusting its business model to increase profitability.

We don't advise clients on business formation. Nor do we complete business formation paperwork.

Meet the Team

Our business philosophy is that while working with our clients and treating their business and nonprofits as our own, we educate and empower our clients to be seek our team as trusted Advisors, not remaining completely reliant on our team to make decisions but rather as Advisors who assist in meeting your company goals.

Next Steps...

Contact us to schedule your complimentary JOLT call to learn more about how we can best help you to grow your business or nonprofit.